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Is there an age limit ?


17 to 60


Do I have to audition ?


No. All that is required is your enthusiam and regular commitment.


Do I need to be able to read music ?


No.  You will be taught your part during rehearsal. You will have a copy of the music and the lyrics during the rehearsal.Over the time you are with us you will naturally learn a better understanding of music.In addition, basic music theory will be taught during the lessons..

Also when you become a member you will have further opportunity to practice at home by downloading a copy of the songs we are rehearsing with your part sung for you to copy, by visiting the members section of the website.


Will I have to sing solo's ?


No. The advantage of experiencing your vocal and performance training within a group is it allows you to learn and perform without neccessarily having the spotlight on you, whilst providing you with the support of the group.


Will there be the opportunity to sing solo's ?


Yes. Occasionally there will be the opportunity for some solo singing to those who wish to put themselves forward.


I would like to join but I am quite nervous of coming along on my own ?


This is understandable which is why we have the Free Taster Session prior to joining. At the taster session there will other people that have come along on there own and are also nervous, but you will be very welcome and I can assure you of my full support whilst you make new friends within the group.

Need I say, I'm sure you have friends and/or family who also like singing and who you could persuade to come along as well.


I'm not sure if I have the right kind of voice ?


Yes there are different styles of singing and of course different vocal range. All voices are welcome, and you will be placed within the vocal range where you will feel the most comfortable, so that I can help you get the most out of the classes and as a result improve your confidence and help you to progress.


What sort of performances will the Choir Andaluz be doing ?


During the year there will be interesting opportunities for you to experience performing, but the aim of the Choir Andaluz is to be able to perform to a high standard in quality venues, and to experience the excitement and thrill that this will provide.


Will I have to perform ?


No. There is no requirement for you to perform. The opportunity for you to perform will be there should you so wish.

You will be more than welcome to become a member of the group purely on a lesson basis to help you progress as a singer. Also by becoming a member you will make new friends and be a welcome part of the social group and social events.


What happens if I miss a rehearsal ?


We will miss you but you will be able to access audio, music, and lyrics appropriate to the class by downloading them from the members section of the website.


If I miss a rehearsal, do you offer a refund ?


Sorry, no. When you sign up you are commiting yourself to the 5 week session. I understand that there may be a reason why you are unable to attend. A credit may be issued under special circumstances.

 If you are unable to attend your preferred class location that week, you are welcome to switch to another location that week at no extra cost, by sending an email notifying of your change..



Should you have any additional questions please send them by email via the Contact link on the header.



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