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 "An Exciting Opportunity"


Hi, my name is Steve Marks and I am pleased and excited to announce new Vocal and Performance Group Classes here on the Costa Del Sol.

The Choir Andaluz is a multi-national modern contemporary choir with the priority of teaching you how to improve your own voice and to learn the skills required to sing in a modern contemporary choir.


Come along and join us at one of the singing groups and you'll have the opportunity to sing great songs with the choir, improve your singing technique, polish your performance and ultimately experience the thrill that comes with performing as part of a team!

There is no need to feel apprehensive about joining. I want everyone to have a great experience at the groups. I will be encouraging everyone to get the most out of every session


Also, it is important to stress that by joining The Choir Andaluz there is no obligation to be part of the performances - you will be welcome as a student and social member of the choir.


"Being a member of The Choir Andaluz is wonderfully social,  stress-busting and loads of fun !  In fact, I can't think of any reason why not to do it !!!"

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